125 Road Legal Motorbike?

Choosing a low CC motorbike like a 125 CC motorbike for beginners can be a headache for anyone, and that’s why the question arises, what’re some 125 road legal motorbikes? 

Looking for a top-notch road-legal motorbike that won’t disappoint? Consider the KTM Duke KTM 125, Kawasaki Z125 Pro, Suzuki GSX-R125, and Yamaha MT-125. These models boast a low seat height and reliable engine, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride on the highway.

Let’s consider what it means and what you can do about it. 

While writing this post, I leave no stone unturned so you can know everything about some 125-road legal motorbikes. 

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125 Road Legal Motorbike? 

Best 125 CCMotorbikesSeat Height: 
KTM125 DUKE32.362 inches
Kawasaki Z125 Pro31.721 inches
Honda Super Cub C12530.712 inches
Suzuki GSX- R12530.905 inches
Honda Grom 30.10 inches
Yamaha MT-12531.889 inches
Honda Monkey 30.52 inches
Harley Softail Deluxe25.900 inches
Harley Street 500 & 75025.700 inches
Table Explaining Best 125 CC Motorbikes for Short Women.


Image Credit: flickr.com

What’s better than riding a stylish naked motorbike that isn’t too aggressive but also cost-effective? 

I remember the manufacturer’s claim that Husqvarna 125 comes with a naked body which is best for short female riders. I ride this motorbike and my favorite part was that this motorbike comes with a round LCD unit making this motorbike even more dashing. 

We all know how much brakes matter when looking for a motorbike. And fortunately enough, manufacturers spend good time on motorbike brakes by adding 320mm and 230mm front and rear perforated steel brakes. These steel brakes have the highest level of safety in every condition.

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We all are familiar with the quality KTM provides in their motorbikes. KTM 125 Duke is one of the best Indian design motorbikes, which comes with a 125 CC engine.

Why am I saying so? 

It’s because I experienced riding the 125 Duke motorbike and I’m impressed with the motorbike’s power as this motorbike comes with an impressive 4-stroke engine which isn’t too aggressive and at the same time it isn’t too slow on the highway. 

This motorbike also comes with a 300 mm front brake disk diameter which is large enough for you to apply brake comfortability. 

Kawasaki Z125 Pro:

Kawasaki Z125 Pro
Image Credit: commons Wikimedia

As Americans, we can understand the service and quality that a Japanese brand like Kawasaki can deliver. 

This motorbike comes with a 31.7 inches seat height which you can further adjust according to your needs. 

However, you should always modify seat height under expert supervision only. Z125 is a small motorbike on which riders can do a wheelie effortlessly; even a single-piston front disc is strong enough to handle a stoppie. 

Although I never recommend anyone to do this stuff, if you want to ride a bike, you can easily do it with this motorbike. 

Honda Super Cub C125:

Honda Super Cub C125
Image Credit: Flickr.com

Okay! Enough for a masculine-looking motorbike; I think some women also want to ride super cost-effective two-wheelers. And here Honda Super Club C125 comes into play.

Honda Super Cub comes with a pretty decent 125 CC engine which is super handy for beginners as it was ridden by my wife too. Also, this two-wheeler comes with a 30.7 inches seat height making the two-wheeler perfect for short riders. 

The best thing I like most about this two-wheeler is that it comes with a four-speed semi-automatic transmission engine that you can manage with your left foot.

More interestingly, this two-wheeler doesn’t come with a clutch, making your journey effortless. 

Suzuki GSX- R125:

Suzuki GSX- R125

Come on! Women also deserve to ride stylish motorbikes. And fortunately enough, the manufacturer made the Suzuki GSX R125 one of the most stylish motorbikes. 

This motorbike comes with a 124 CC engine made for beginners and 30.9 inches seat height which is ideal for short females. Moreover, if you’re looking for sports performance in the limited power range, Suzuki GSX- R123 is ideal for you. 

Honda Grom:

Honda Grom
Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia

How can we ignore the Honda Grom when talking about good low-CC motorbikes? 

Honda Grom is one of the elegantly designed motorbikes for short riders, which comes with excellent stability and a 125 CC engine. The seat height of the motorbike is 30 inches with thick padding. 

Fortunately, this motorbike comes with thick paddings making the motorbike also perfect for taller riders. You won’t compare a Honda Grom with a high-CC motorbike because you can enjoy the same sporting feeling as other high-CC motorbikes. 

Yamaha MT-125:

Yamaha MT-125
Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia

We discussed Honda motorbikes as good Japanese motorbikes for short riders. How can we forget about the Yamaha MT-125 as one of the most reliable Japanese motorbikes? 

The Yamaha MT-125 motorbike comes with a liquid cool engine technology which prevents the engine from overheating when running the motorbike for an extended period on highways. 

This motorbike has a 30 inches seat height, which some riders initially find difficult. Still, with time and practice, this motorbike can be an excellent option for short beginner riders. 

The Yamaha MT-125 comes with a sporty design which you won’t find on other short-height motorbikes except for Suzuki and KTM motorbikes. 

Honda Monkey:

Honda Monkey
Image Credit: Flickr.com

Honda Monkey is the first choice among short riders, and the reason is its compact yet good-performing engine. 

This motorbike comes with a 124 CC fuel-injected engine and trusts the Japanese Honda engine design making this motorbike a compact design yet powerful engine. 

Honda Monkey comes with a 30.3 inches seat height making the motorbike again perfect for short riders. The Honda Monkey can be a great option if you don’t want to ride a sports motorcycle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why beginner shouldn’t choose a high CC motorbike?

High CC motorbikes come with enormous power, which beginners couldn’t handle. And that’s why don’t focus too much on motorbike power if you’re still a beginner. 

What to do if you can’t buy your favorite luxurious motorbike?

Instead, you can go for an affordable motorbike with the same features and buy your favorite motorbike once you can afford it.

Why beginner shouldn’t choose a heavyweight motorbike?

If you’re a beginner, it would be a mistake to choose a heavy motorbike that you can’t even lift if you ever fall off. 

Why seat height is the crucial factor which you need to consider most?

Seat height can be the most crucial factor if you’re a short rider. You will definitely drop your motorbike if you can’t reach the ground with both your feet. 

How Husqvarna 125 is a good motorbike?

With Husqvarna 125 motorbike, you’ll get 6 transmission engines. This motorbike comes with 324.08lbs weight which I think isn’t too much for a good-looking motorbike

Final Verdict: 

125 road legal motorbike? Suppose you’re searching for the best 125-road legal motorbike. You can go with the KTM 125 Duke, Kawasaki Z125 pro, Suzuki GSX-R125, and Yamaha MT-125. These motorbikes come with a low seat height and stable engine, making you ride safely and comfortably on highways. 

Suppose you want to become a professional rider and become safe while riding on the highways. In that case, it’s better to choose appropriate seat height motorbikes. Ideally, your feet should touch the ground to stabilize the motorbike if you ever fall from it a motorbike.