Do Motorcycle Tires Expire?

Our teacher taught us that nothing lasts forever, whether it’s a sun or galaxy. Now the biggest question arises, do motorcycle tires also expire? 

Like other things around you, motorbike tires also come with a period in which they give you the best performance. According to some experts, the motorbike tires show the best performance for only five years. In easier words, motorcycle tires expire. 

However, motorcycle tires’ expiry period depends on some factors. 

Let’s look at what it means for you and what you can do about it.

Do Motorcycle Tires Expire: 

Like other things in this world, motorcycle tires also expire after a certain period. 

Some experts conclude that motorcycle tires come with a five-year period in which they show you the best performance. 

It’s because motorbike tires are made from a rubber material that oxidizes after a certain period. This oxidation process makes the rubber tire brittle which reduces the flexibility. 

The oxidation process is a pretty slow process that takes years to develop. Certain factors such as temperature, riding activities increased or decreased this oxidation process. 

Many riders always run behind tires that have been manufactured recently. 

Look, motorbike tires aren’t like milk bottles which come with a short shelf life.

Now the question is, how you should choose motorbike tires which come with a specific period. 

Commonly, expert riders don’t buy tires that are years old.

Expert riders are considered one-year period tires as fresh mint tires. Manufacturers usually put the expiry date, which generally varies between five to seven years. 

Don’t stress unless your tires wear or tear down within five years.  

How to Check Motorcycle Tires Expiry Date: 

Now you know how long your motorbike tires will last. Still, you should also know how to check motorcycle tires’ expiry date. 

For checking motorbike tires’ expiry date, you should see sidewalls of tires and check the acronym “DOT.” There’ll be four digits that will tell you the specific date and years of manufacturing. The first 2 numbers will tell you the week of manufacturing, and the rest is years of manufacturing. 

Let’s take an example here;

Let’s assume 3019 is a four-digit number on your tire sidewall.

According to this number, the first 2 digits will tell you the week of tire manufacturing. In this case, it’s the 30th week. 

The last two digits will tell you about the year. And in this case, the year is 2019. 

In Conclusion, your tire was manufactured in the 30th week of 2019. 

Further, you can also know the month of your tire manufactured. Take your calculator out and divide 30 by 4.3. 

In this case, 30/4.3 = 6.97.

This means manufacturers made your tire in June of 2019. 

Now subtract the manufactured year with the current year to get an expiry date. 

In this case, 

Subtract June 2019 with June 2021, which makes your tire age two years. In other words, you’ve three more years to use your tire. 

And you’ve to change your tire in June 2024. 

There is a lot of information written on the sidewall of our tires, such as height, weight, etc. Please don’t confuse the height and weight of your tire with the manufacturing date. 

Best advice: It would be best to change your motorbike tires after your tire completes the five years mark, even if it looks perfect. 

When to Change Tires: 

Although experts always recommend changing your tires every five years after manufacturing.  

But it’s not necessary to wait for five years to change your motorbike tires. Below are some factors which impact your tire’s life; if you ever see these factors, then consider buying another tire for your motorbike. 

When to change tires: Details:
Tire Puncture.If your tire punctures frequently in a year, then you should check it.  
Tire Damage. If you ever see dry rot on your motorcycle tire, then consider buying a new tire.
Tread Wear. Change the tire if the tread reaches a depth of 0.8 millimeters.
Pattern. An unusual pattern is a sign for replacing a tire. 
Distance. If your motorbike covers more than 4000 miles, then consider replacing your old tire.
Cracking.Sun exposure causes your motorbike tire to crack, which reduces life. 
Feeling. Instability or unnecessary vibrations could be a sign of replacing old tires.
Loss of Pressure. Loss or pressure frequently is a significant sign of tire replacement. 
Tire Age.Do replace your tire after every 5 years. 

Tires Puncture: 

Punctures are often considered normal, but if your tire punctures many times a year, you should check it.  

Mainly puncture caused when your motorbike tire rubber becomes thin, oxidized, or brittle. 

There’s no way to go back if your tire becomes oxidized or brittle, and that’s why it’s better to buy a new motorcycle tire. 

Tires Damage: 

Dry rot is one of the reasons which might damage your tire. If you ever see dry rot on your motorcycle tire, then consider buying a new tire for you. 

Tread Wear: 

Manufacturers made tread on your tires to improve grip when riding on wet roads. The tread on tires also pushes water away from your motorbike tires. 

Without tread, you would lose your control when riding on wet roads. 

Experts recommend buying a new motorbike tire if your tire tread ever reaches 0.8 millimeters depth. 

Do Motorcycle Tires Expire?
Motorbike tire tread.
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Manufacturers made your motorbike tires to be round only. But wear and tear make your tires, especially on the sidebar, less round. 

If your motorbike tire becomes less round or has some unusual pattern, consider replacing the old tire with a new one. 


Distance traveled by your motorbike can also be a most significant sign of changing tires.

Experts usually recommend changing the front and rear tire if your motorbike covers more than 4000 miles. 

However, your tires would last longer than the recommended distance if you maintain your motorbike tires regularly.


Although motorbike tire cracking is rare, we still can’t ignore this sign. As with your motorbike parts, motorbike tires are also always in the sun. 

Exposure for an extended period makes your motorbike tire brittle and causes cracking. If you ever see cracking on your motorbike tire, then consider replacing it. 


Sometimes an odd feeling while riding a motorbike is also the most significant sign of changing a tire. 

If you ever feel abnormal sensations such as instability, unnecessary vibrations, pushing, etc. Then consider replacing your old tire with a new one before you miss the boat. 

Loss of Pressure:

Loss of pressure while riding a motorbike is pretty standard, but if you see the loss of pressure more frequently, then replace your motorbike tire. 

Many times pressure loss is more frequently caused when your tire beads are worn out. And that’s why experts recommend checking motorbike tire pressure regularly. 

Tire Age:

Tire age is the most significant sign which tells you to change your motorbike tire. 

Various expert riders recommend replacing motorbike tires every five years. Still, you can extend tire age even beyond five years if you maintain your tire well. 

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How to Increase your Tire Age: 

Probably no one wants to spend bucks on tires every three to four years. And there are some ways through which you can save your money by increasing the tire age. 

Tips to Increase Tire Age:Details
Closely inspection. Inspect your tire tread depth every month. 
Warning when purchasing new tires. Ride cautiously for the first 100 miles if purchased new tires. 
Check pressure. Always check pressure before going for a ride. 
Cover your tire. Cover your tires from unnecessary sun exposure. 

Closely Inspection:

Close inspection is one of the most significant ways through which you can boost your tire’s age. 

Inspect closely and see if your tire’s tread depth increases, and don’t forget to look for cuts and any wear.  

New Tire Caution:

When replacing an old tire with a new one, don’t forget to ride the first 100 miles slowly and carefully. 

It’s because a new tire comes with different braking properties and handling features. Riding first 100 miles carefully will help you to extend the tire’s excellent service.  

Check Pressure:

It would be best to check tire pressure before you go for a ride. 

It’s because an overinflated tire has more chances to puncture more easily. 

On the other hand, under-inflated tires increase friction which might cause tire blowouts. 

Cover your Tire:

Sunlight is not only harmful to your motorbike paint, but also it’s harmful to your tire too. 

Sun exposure is the reason behind dry rot on your tire. Dry rot allows air to escape from the tire, and it will be nearly impossible to make your tire properly inflated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do motorcycle tires expire?

Like other things in the world, motorcycle tires also expire.

Can you increase the age of motorcycle tires?

Yes, with proper maintenance you can increase motorcycle tire age easily.

Is tread on tires is necessary?

Tread helps to make better grip on the road. Without tread, you would lose your control when riding on wet roads. 

Do expired tires make your motorbike unstable?

Yes, the expired tire can make your motorbike unstable.

How can you protect your motorbike tire from sun exposure?

You can protect tires by not parking your motorbike tire in open for a long period.

Final Verdict: 

Do motorcycle tires expire? Like other things around you, motorbike tires also come with a period in which they give you the best performance. 

According to some experts, the motorbike tires show the best performance for only five years. In easier words, motorcycle tires expire.

Don’t ignore signs for changing your motorbike tire; also, it would be better to follow the tips that I’ve mentioned above.